If you were a trafficked, orphaned or at-risk child, what would be the biggest help in setting you free? The answer is a complete education through the university or vocational level. If education is made accessible and affordable for hopeless children, then they have the opportunities to become doctors, lawyers, mechanics, doctors, teachers and so much more. Since it's beginning, ICN has been working to break the cycle of poverty by providing a complete education through sponsorship. But what makes sponsorship through ICN unique?  


1. Your sponsored child will be given the opportunity to COMPLETE his or her education

  • Most sponsorship only provides support through elementary or possibly high school, forcing children to return to the same hopeless condition they were once in. However, ICN sponsorship provides support through each country's university or vocational levels. This gives your sponsored child the opportunity to become a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, engineer, teacher, or anything else that he or she can dream!  This ensures that each child in our sponsorship program has the means to create a future.

  • Your sponsorship support places your child, who once was forgotten and at the lowest social level in life, on equal footing with the most privileged children in their country through education. 

  • There is no other work where such a small amount of money can do so much good for so many!

2. Financial Accountability

  • ICN has been ranked at the Gold Standard with GuideStar for the last 10 years.  GuideStar is the only non-profit watch-dog that is trusted by America's Fortune 500 companies.  Approval from GuideStar automatically allows a non-profit to partner with any Fortune 500 company, and our gold ranking shows that we have earned a factor of trust because of our financial accountability. 

  • Your sponsorship support is solely dedicated to your child's education.  Your support does not go into any type of child support "pool"  to be shared by many children.

​​3. Meet your child face-to-face

  • Every sponsor, family or group supporting ICN can join any of our annual service trips to our partnering nations each year. This means that every sponsor can have the rare honor of actually meeting their child face-to-face and personally seeing the tremendous, life-changing impact their sponsorship is making.


4. Meet children whose lives have been changed by sponsorship

  • The Matsiko World Orphan Choir is made up of sponsored children from Liberia, Peru, India and Nepal.  Matsiko is the first choir to allow children in the sponsorship program to come to the US and tour as ambassadors for the world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk children.

  • Matsiko is built on a high level of trust with officials in the US and our partnering nations. Matsiko is the first and only group to be allowed to travel with orphaned and at-risk children from any country in South America and Liberia. 

5. Write and send gifts to your sponsored child anytime

  • Sponsors are invited to write letters to their sponsored child anytime.  It is also very easy to send extra support for gifts for your child. 

6. ICN exists to empower children through sponsorship

  • As we fulfill our mission, we pride ourselves on being able to connect with our sponsors when they call.  If you ever want to know more about your child or have any questions about them, please contact us. ICN will contact the director overseeing your child to find out anything you want to know.


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