Why Sponsorship Matters


My life is pretty typical here in the USA.  I have a wife and two sons and live a happy middle class life.   I never expected that sponsorship of a child would make any significant change in my world view or in my life.    I was wrong.


Several years ago my wife and son brought home an ICN sponsorship flyer.   My wife said “congrats, it’s a girl”.   I was proud to be the father of two sons.   We have been raising them to be men of good character and always laughed at the difficulties of our friends in raising daughters.  I never thought a little girl in my life would change me.   Again I was wrong.


Our child lives in India, a part of the world where the 19th century has collided with the 21st century.   Our knowledge of her world consisted of excerpts from National Geographic and television.   We would receive letters from her.   They were fun to read.  The quality of the English she used in her letters was impeccable and the drawings she sent were beautiful.    I read the words but it still did not impact me that our sponsorship was making any difference.


My family was presented with the opportunity to travel across the world to New Delhi where she lived.   We decided we wanted to meet this little girl but did not know if it was possible or how the meeting would take place.   We went anyway.   Our meeting has changed my life and that of my family.


The little girl we met was charming, intelligent and beautiful.    She lives in a home with 9 other young women equally charming and deserving of so much more than life has given them thus far.   Some of them still had no sponsors.   I learned that these kids are real as are their needs.  Most importantly, I learned that they really do love you and need to be loved.  


You are not just a “financial sponsor”; you are someone that is helping change their world.   You are someone that they can rely on when they have been let down by so many others.   You are the adults and family that love and care about them.   You are giving them a future.  You are uniquely special to them just like a parent is to their own children.


We now have a little girl in our life.   She loves us and she knows in her heart that we are dedicated to helping her achieve a good future.  We love her and remind her that she is special to us.   We are all blessed by our relationship.  My wife and I find ourselves giving advice to a little girl the same as if she were our own daughter.   We want the best for her just as we do for our own children.


I would have never predicted it but sponsorship and a little girl have changed our lives forever.  


- Steve Pand is an Attorney At Law in Seattle, WA



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