The Matsiko World Orphan Choirs have impacted people across the US and around the world!  

The show was fantastic and

the children were so lovable, talented and well disciplined.  We would definitely welcome them

back next time they are in

the area!  



Patty B.

Tappan Zee Manor

Nyack, NY 


        We had a great time hosting    

the choir this weekend. They were

polite, intelligent and sweet kids

as well as amazing singers! They

brought a great energy to

our church.

Rev. Liza 

Riverfront Family Church

Glastonbury, CT


Mrs. Stephanie

Crooked Creek Elementary

Indianapolis, IN



I also wanted to sing the praises about the children and ICN.  It was such a pleasure to have them with us.  All were very respectful, kind, eager to help and very thankful.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us and would like to do it again.

Karen H.

Host Family

Woodstock, NY 


You are providing an excellent example of how people around the whole globe can recognize the value of various cultures.  Even more importantly, you are witnesses the the shared methods of expression that motivate your dancing and joy!   

Eric M.


   It was absolutely a wonderful program

that we were thrilled to sponsor. This program was

          the first in what we hope will be a concert series

program which the church has just started. To say that we

couldn't havechosen a better inaugural event for our series is

to say much too little. It was really the BEST! It was so well received and it brought such joy to the audience that I am certain were you

to return we would fill the house. The children were delightful      

    and the leaders gracious and professional. Please consider

      us if you return to the East Coast again. We would

love to have you back! 

Joseph G.

St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church

New Cumberland, PA


Thank you to the Matisko children and

 Don and Jennie and the rest of the organization for

coming to tiny, little Delaware and spreading the "hope"

that is Matsiko to our area.  And most especially, thank you to

the children.  I want their energy and enthusiasm!  I want the

world to have their joy.  I want the world to know their

gratefulness.  They give hope to a world that is divided and

in turmoil.  They give me hope and they gave every soul in that

church last night hope.  I pray that their energy left with

every person last night and spreads

throughout the area.

Steve A.

St. John the Baptist - Holy Angels Parish

Newark, DE


 Truly it was our pleasure to have these sweet, polite children! My family was blessed in many ways this past 

weekend. It was very emotional saying good bye to them.  May God bless them & keep them safe during their incredible journey.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Margaret R. 

Host Family

Newark, DE


We are kind of shocked and processing

the experience of love and joy that God brought to our home through your

ministry!  We don't need more time to recognize a Holy Spirit tug or conviction to come alongside your organization and help by sharing any resources/gifts God has blessed us with.  

Claudia K.

Host Family

Alexandria, VA

I saw you today performing in our gym.  My heart was overflowing and I was moved to tears.  Your beautiful music, courage and sharing are boundless.  I bought your CD and a bracelet.  I was privileged to shake many of your hands.  I also got a hug from the young man who started the La Bamba song!  You all are an inspiration for what you have overcome and what you are doing.  Keep on!  

Recently the choir came to my school.  I was expecting to fake clap, but when the show started and I saw the kids saying "Hi" to people and smiling, I LOVED it!   After every song, I stood up and clapped loud and proud.  My hands turned red.  I was wowed about what these kids could do.  They touched my heart. 


Ransom Everglades Middle School

Miami, FL

We so enjoyed  getting to know the staff

and thedelightfully warm and fun-loving kids in

your choir thispast weekend. We'll be praying for them

along their journey, knowing that the Holy Spirit's timing

and guidance is a rich source of assurance and strength.

What a beautiful expressionof Christ'slove comes through

those kids songs and faces! It blessesus to know them.

Matsiko is truly like havingthe mission field visit us

 and what an amazing and unusual experience

that was!

Joe R.

Liberty Church

Westminster, MD


The kids were awesome!

There were lots of smiles on my resident’s faces. That always makes me happy. The kids were so polite.  It was a pleasure to have them and hope they will be able to come

again in the future.




Atria Senior Living

Columbia, SC


We just complete a 3 day visit from

your choir. The visit was magical.

The children were polite, respectful, friendly 

 and talented. The adult supervisors were excellent

and everyone both choir and congregation

seems to really enjoy the visit--especially since

all arrangements were last minute.

Rick C.

Covenant United Methodist Church

Cordova, TN


I was the only person working when your group came through Historic Fort Wayne yesterday.  I admittedly was hesitant to give a tour to such a large group by myself, yet both students and chaperones were extremely polite, respectful, and asked some of the best questions I had all week. Being a former member of Fort Wayne Children's Choir for 10 years, it was special in many ways to be able to help out another choir on tour as many others had done for me in the past. Please pass my compliments on to all and best of luck to your organization!

Cory B.

Fort Wayne, IN



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