International Children’s Network (ICN) exists to augment and support the great work being performed by established "in-country" organizations. ICN teams up with reputable, effective, and established overseas partners to obtain U.S-based financial support to help provide an education for orphaned and at-risk children.  This concept is key in ending the cycle of poverty within third-world nations. In addition to educational support, funding is also committed for food, clothing, school supplies, medicine and other needs for these children, so schooling effectiveness can be maximized.

International Children's Network help children all over the world including Liberia, Peru, India, Burkino Faso, Phillipines, Ghana, Uganda

International Children's Network started in the summer of 1997 as a small youth group at a small church in Covington, Washington. Their vision was to meet the needs of their local community by inspiring children of all ages (and adults) to volunteer  for community-based needs such as helping at elderly homes or raking neighbor’s yards. Supporting the community was the core of their philanthropy work. Eventually, this little youth group started traveling and inspiring other communities. Their passion was infective, and soon other groups in other states, countries and continents were formed.


During this time, many devestating issues facing our world’s children were witnessed first hand by this small, but determined, youth group, and it became evident that a group of this size, from a small church in Washington, was not large enough to help the millions of at-risk and orphaned children around the world. Realizing the urgency this issue demanded, and the necessity to work together with all religious groups, races, nationalities, and genders, the International Children’s Network was born.


ICN has grown and changed dramatically from those early days of mowing lawns and singing to seniors at rest homes. However, their core mission of supporting those in a local community who are unable to support themselves remains the same. 


There are 600 million orphans and at-risk children in the world - nearly 10% of the entire global population. Despite the many humanitarian and sponsorship organizations in the United States and around the world, over 99% of these orphaned and at-risk children remain in dire conditions with little to no hope for a happy or healthy future. In order to make a real difference, the entire planet will need to work together, and the International Children’s Network is helping to lead the way, one community at a time. Educating these forgotten children is the only way to bring them a brighter, sustainable future - and your support will help make this dream come true!


International Children's Network

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