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We are so grateful for the love and support we have been shown by our sponsors, host families and friends. We had a great year in 2019, and we wanted to take a minute to share with you some of the highlights, as well as our plans for 2020.


  • Over 80 children graduated from university with degrees in medicine, law, engineering,teaching, electricity, cooking and many others!  

  • After School programs are ICN’s number one focus in the field. In every area an after school program is in effect, the children participating in these programs are scoring at the top of their classes! 

  • Construction of the first child center/after school program in Chivay, Peru has begun. Plans are in place to begin a similar project in Yanque, working towards the ultimate goal of building a school for the area. 

  • Sponsorship has grown over 71% since 2018. 

  • Opportunities for ICN to build schools or work with sub-standard and over crowded public schools have been presented in Liberia, Nepal, India, Peru, the Philippines, and also Zambia.

  • Increased focus on service trips to India, the Philippines, Peru, Nepal and Liberia to provide more opportunities for sponsors to meet their children and understand the great impact of their support! Dates for 2020 and 2021 service trips are available on our website

  • Successful Matsiko World Orphan Choir Tour of the USA, visiting 31 states and establishing sponsorship for close to 1,000 previously unsponsored children.

2020 GOALS

  • Provide a lengthy planning period before the next Matsiko Tour in order to meet the needs of existing sponsored children before adding more to the program. 

  • Begin to work in Zambia alongside UNICEF.

  • Continue to find ways to challenge the men in each country to rise up in accountability to their family, children and the way they are treating women.

A full listing of our goals and accomplishments can be found on our website:



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