• Kate Perry

Urgent Update -- Earthquake in Nepal

Last Saturday, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake slammed the mountainous country of Nepal. This is the worst earthquake the country has experienced in the past 80 years. Already the death count has reached over 5,582 people, with more than 11,000 injured. These numbers continue to climb as rescue attempts are being made.


Just days before the earthquake hit, ICN representatives were on the ground in Nepal working to collect sponsorship information and begin preparations to bring children from Nepal to the US on a Matsiko tour. While in Nepal, we were able to connect with leaders of several orphanages, giving us access to hundreds of children in desperate need of sponsorship.

This video shows a little girl auditioning to be part of the next Matsiko World Orphan Choir just days before the earthquake struck her city. All of the children we met in Nepal were excited and filled with hope for a new beginning to their futures.

Please pray with us for the situation in Nepal. All of the people we work with there live just miles from where the earthquake hit. We know that our key leaders are safe, but we are still waiting to hear how their families and the many children they work with have been affected. Many of the survivors are camped out in parks and open areas, trying to survive the frigid mountain temperatures, with a lack of food, clean water and medical supplies.

If you are interested in giving to this fund, please visit the "One Time Donation" section of our website. You may also text 253-242-6600 to give directly through text.

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