Venture to Nepal with ICN and witness the many temples, shops and unique markets in the capital city of Kathmandu!  If you wish, you may also visit Lubini, the city of Buddha's birth.  Your time in Nepal will be split between Kathmandu and the mountain village of Ilam.  In Kathmandu, you will have the opporutnity to visit the different children's homes where ICN's sponsored children live, as well as to work with children on the streets. When you travel to Ilam, you will be greeted with a hero's welcome!  There will be opportunities to help with after school tutoring, leadership training, building prjoects and so much more.  As you spend time with the children in Nepal, you will be able to encourage them to work hard, follow their dreams and overcome any obstacles they may face.  Meet your sponsored child face to face and meet his or her family. Take them shopping and enjoy a meal with your sponsored child’s family in their home country.


We encourage you to tailor your experience by volunteering your unique abilities to make the most impact on your trip.  Please let us know if you have any specific skills (medical, building, teaching, well-drilling, etc.) that you want to volunteer, and we will make sure to utilize them when we arrive.  A trip to Nepal will give you a chance to understand the challenges and real opportunities of our world’s least fortunate children, to play with them, help them and live among them! You will witness firsthand the impact sponsorship has on children, families and communities in this area.  


If you are interested in joining our team for the next trip to Nepal, please email us and request an application packet.  If you have specific questions about travelling to Nepal and any preparations you need to make before you go, please review our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSIf you do not find the answer to your questions, please do not hesitate to email us!  



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