International Children’s Network takes its financial policies seriously. Our leadership team is so confident in the integrity of our financial practices that we hold it as International Children’s Network policy to publish our IRS tax documents and any other pertinent information on our website.


Very few similar organizations have as high a giving ratio as International Children’s Network. We are well aware that as the network continues to grow, we will need to be ready to hire additional staff. Because of this reality, International Children’s Network has bound itself to meet and attain the financial accountability gold standards acceptable to all notable watch-dog agencies.  In fact, in accordance with ICN's commitment to complete transparency, we are among the minority of non-profit organizations to actually publish our IRS 990 reports for all to see on the ICN/Matsiko website. We owe it to our sponsors and the children around the world to work tirelessly and continue to raise the level of trust we share with our sponsors and partners. It is of paramount importance to International Children’s Network that we handle every dollar with the utmost care, concern, and integrity.


ICN maintains a strong commitment and promise to all people, especially its trusted and most valued sponsors, that anytime there is a request for an annual report, ICN will always provide the information online as well as the most recent audit and board roster or the information online paired with the organization most current 990. 


Financial accountability and transparency is always the highest priority to all and is an essential cornerstone to ICN’s foundation of character and trust for its namesake all around the world. Not only is ICN committed to financial accountability at the highest level but we ask that our international partners maintain a trust to all and financial accountability to all in their home countries and around the world due to their association with and representation of ICN’s work and values as well.


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Annual Leadership Review

According to ICN's mission statement: the mission of International Children's Network is to provide as many of our world's 600 million orphaned and at-risk children sponsorship for a complete education through their nation's highest university or vocational levels. By doing so, every child will be on equal footing with their nation's most privileged children.  They will return to their villages to help other children who are in the same condition they once were in order to break the cycle of utter dependency and despair and replace it with empowerment and hope!


By doing so, every project ICN accomplishes is to help its children continue school with a complete education.  ICN's pillars are built on these focal points:






Each ICN Board Member and Leader will be reviewed annually on their affectiveness regarding goals and actual accomplishments:

  • ICN requires that its Board Members review and assess the organization’s performance and effectiveness of goals vs. actual accomplishments on an annual basis, even though standard reviews are bi-annually. 

  • In addition the Board Members of ICN will determine any future actions required to achieve its goals in conjunction with its mission statement.


The following is also required of International Children’s Network, it Board Members and Leaders….

  • Every year (even though the standard is every two years) no later than the second board meeting, the following issues must be addressed and accomplished: 

    • How are the ICN sponsorship goals being obtained and improved upon?

    • Have budget goals for ICN been met for the last years and how can improvement be made?

    • Is ICN staying on track to its Mission Statement and how can this be improved?

      •  “ICN works to provide educational sponsorships and opportunities for as many of our world’s 600 million orphaned and at-risk children through their nation’s university or vocational levels in order to provide individual empowerment, independence and opportunity”

  • How is ICN achieving the goals and opportunities of Matsiko for the children, ICN and communities?

  • How can any goals, ideas and opportunities of ICN and the children it represents be improved upon?

  • How is ICN improving and obtaining its fundraising goals?


Program Service Expense Ratio

  • Questions asked to determine the most effective ratio while never going below the industry lowest acceptable standard of 65%:

    • Is volunteer help gaining more support and opportunity for the children or is it needed to have a paid employee or independent contractor?

    • Will more help, support and opportunity be gained for the children of ICN if greater expense on any type of Administration materialize?

    • Are the Sponsors gaining trust with a volunteer staff that can sometimes be unreliable? Or will paid workers help in this area to gain the trust from the sponsors of ICN and thereby gain more opportunity for the children of ICN?


Financial Statements Publication

  • All 990 reports are published in full online on the ICN WEBSITE for each year.

  • Outside CPA Accountant will oversee the entire financial accountability process and audit the financial records every year with an outside auditor, even though USA auditing standards only require an audit of large non-profits every five years.         

  • ICN always makes available to all, on request, complete annual financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles by outside, third party accountants. 

  • Accuracy of expenses in Financial Statements must always be published On ICN’s website and the following accomplished…..

    • ICN will not only publish it annual IRS 990 reports online each year but will also make available the opportunity for answers to any financial, sponsorship or process question regarding the work and goals of ICN.

    • A summary report of Fundraising and the finances of ICN will be communicated.

    • Summary of ICN monthly financial statements and annual statements from Accountants may be obtained upon request.


Annual Budget Report

  • ICN Board must approve an annual budget for each current fiscal year. Each budget must include the following:

    • Budget for sponsorship

      • Must be equal or less than prior year per partnering location unless ICN Board approves otherwise

    • Budget for Matsiko

      • Annual budget must be equal or less than prior year expenses unless ICN Board approves otherwise

  • Budget for needed promotional support

    • All promotional expenses for sponsorship or Matsiko support or any other benefit for the children of ICN must be ICN Board level approved and be less than or equal to prior year promotional support unless ICN Board approves otherwise

  • Budget to accomplish goals for building projects in Liberia, Peru and needs in India, Philippines etc

    • All goals for any ICN project internationally must first have at least two (2) separate groups independently find best cost expense separately and then funds must be raised first in order to begin each project.

    • Outlining Projected expenses for major program activities / Fund Raising & Admin Expenses must always take place and be approved at ICN Board Level first.

*****Must always identify total projected fundraising expenses to goals before campaign is initiated



Standard 16 Annual Report

  • Upon request an annual report is available to all including:

    • ICN’s Mission Statement

“ICN works to provide educational sponsorships and opportunities for as many of our world’s 600 million orphaned and at-risk children through their nation’s university or vocational levels in order to provide individual empowerment, independence and opportunity”

  • Summary of past years’ service accomplishments upon request including overview of the following:

  • 2019 Accomplishments

    • Begin or complete more vital ICN community centers in Philippines, India, Nepal, Peru, Zambia, Liberia and Zambia

    • Begin construction of medical centers for the children unable to afford medical care.

    • Work with more and more of the churches in needed ICN partnering nations to teach & instill leadership training programs and male accountability in order for the churches to help the family unit rise up nationally for their children, wives, and the many single mothers nation-wide.

    • Construction in Chivay, Peru for their first child center / after school program has begun with plans in Yanque for the same and eventually a school for the children in the area to succeed!

    • Sponsorship has grown month to month over 71% P/Y 2018.

    • Over 80 children have graduated from university in fields such as medicine, law, engineering, teaching, electricity, cooking, and so many more wonderful professions!

    • Better service trip focus to India / Philippines / Peru / Nepal and Liberia have been made for sponsors to meet their children and understand the great impact of their support! Dates for service trips in  2020, 2021 & 2022 have now been listed on our Service Trip page

    • Focus on Matsiko for better opportunities in scheduling, touring and basis has begun

    • ICN must use its strength within its communities world-wide to teach all families the harm in child trafficking and the importance of their children going to school.

    • Opportunities for ICN to build schools or work with sub-standard/overcrowded public schools have begun in Liberia, Nepal, India, Peru, Philippines, and also Zambia.

    • After school programs are ICN’s number 1 focus in the field. As a result, in every area an afterschool program is in effect, the children involved are scoring at the top of their classes! Therefore, plans for Bohol and the small islands in the Philippines are now underway with real progress made in 2019.

    • ICN was chosen, from all non-profits in Liberia, by the Ministry of Justice to lead a child leadership program with every national public school! The curriculum is still being developed. UNICEF has requested to be of assistance in this process. The Government has requested planning be delayed into 2019 / 2020. Ministry of Justice has been working with ICN on this, and 4 schools have now been involved for 2019 / 2020. Challenges for implementing national lessons through ICN have begun.

    • One major School for the children living in the slum areas of New Delhi has grown by over 50% in order to teach more of New Delhi’s street children. Children have now been successfully going to school and learning. The new schools will be a tremendous help.

    • ICN will be planning on working with UNICEF in Zambia based on a wonderful invitation for assistance.

  • 2020 Major Challenges remain: 

    • Continue working with churches in each nation to help the men in each country rise up in accountability to their family, children and the way they are treating women.

    • Develop children’s centers worldwide to better teach the children while establishing more in the areas ICN is currently located.

    • Provide a lengthy planning period between the 2019 & 2020 Matsiko tours in order to meet the needs of existing sponsored children before adding more to the program. 

    • Grow sponsorships through a shortened Matsiko tour in 2020

    • Use ICN’s unique leadership and value within its partnering nation’s communities to bring the churches and schools together in helping the families learn the importance of four disciplines:

      • Male responsibility for families and how to treat women

      • The importance of an education for all children

      • Knowledge and practice of staying away from the lure of child trafficking

      • Help women have better self-worth so they too can realize anything is possible for them to accomplish!

    • ICN must always continue to find ways with sponsorship to help the children with medical needs, care-taker support, family issues and other pressing personal needs that schooling alone cannot address.

    • ICN must also leverage its unique vital leadership and central role within its participating communities to teach the needed moral and leadership values in these following ways:

      • Goal of having vibrant Arts, Music and Sports programs are now being met in many ICN Nations!

      • These achievements are most important to innocent children to accomplish their long term goals of a complete education through their nation’s highest university or vocational levels by keeping children off of the dangerous streets, helping families keep away from the lure of child trafficking, and provide every child a successful and positive pathway in life!

      • National sports tournaments and programs annually

      • Allow local musicians to record their music in Matsiko’s music studios in exchange for the artists to work with Matsiko.

      • Leadership campaigns on national respect to prevent littering

      • Continue having ICN’s smartest students also tutor in the after-school program as well as learn.

      • Develop business enterprises for families and young adults to be empowered financially as well as morally.


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