International Children's Network helps thousands of children throughout the world thanks to your support!   Here are some of the ways you can help support ICN's work.  

Food Supply During Coronavirus

During this global pandemic, many of the children in our sponsorship program have extremely limited access to food.  In countries like Peru, Nepal, the Philippines and the slums of India, people are not allowed to leave their homes to visit the markets or to work.  Without work, their day-to-day money is dried up, and they are unable to provide food for their families.  Just $15 will sustain a family of 6 for a month and prevent them from extremely desperate actions to provide for their family.

Building Projects

Our goal is to build an ICN center in each country that we work in so that children have a place to go for tutoring, choir practice, social activities and extra food.  Currently, we are focusing our efforts on raising money to build a new After School Center & Children's Shelter in Liberia.  


Diseases like Malaria, which is easily treated with medicine, often prove deadly in many countries because the medicine is unaffordable.  With a small gift, you can provide lifesaving medicine for many families.  

Most Needed

Choose this option to allow ICN staff to use your donation to help meet the most urgent needs.  

Additional Support

If you already sponsor a child through ICN and would like to give your child some additional support, please visit our Sponsorship Wish List.  You may designate your gift for food, clothing, extra school expenses or a gift.  


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