Current Sponsors

 If you are currently sponsoring a child through ICN, this page has all the information you need to write to your child, provide items on the wish list, set up auto pay and more.  If you have not signed up as a sponsor yet, please click here to choose a child and set up payment.

 Write to Your Child

We encourage all our sponsors to write to their sponsored children.  To make the most of your letters, please follow these guidelines: 


     * Write plainly and clearly.  

     * Write about things your child will understand, such as family, pets, hobbies, sports, etc.

     * Encourage your child to work hard in school and further their education.

     * Please do not ask your child if their is anything they need or desire.  We will      

        communicate any needs to you directly. 

     * Send photos of yourself with your family, pets and surroundings.

     * To ensure your privacy and safety, do not include your last name, address, email or

        phone number.


If you would like to use the Matsiko/ICN Form Letter, please click here.


Purchase Items from Wish List 

If you would like to give an extra gift to help provide clothes, shoes or school supplies for your child, choose your item and make your donation below. 




Payment Coupons

If you send in your monthly payment by check or credit card, be sure to include your payment coupon with each payment.  Click here to print more payment coupons.  Make your checks payable to ICN, and mail your payment and coupon to:  International Children's Network,   PO Box 7695, Covington, WA  98042.  


Set Up Autopay

If you are interested in setting up automatic payments for your sponsorship payment, please provide your information and set up payments below.

Make a Payment

To make a sponsorship payment online, please choose the "Sponsorship Payment" and include your child's name & number in the comment.  You can pay for more than one child or multiple months.  Just include any important information in the comment section, so we know where to apply your payment. 


International Children's Network

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