Unfortunately, there are so many orphaned and at-risk children around

the world that ICN is constantly being asked to assist. Children join the ICN family in a variety of ways:

1. Local community leaders, churches, temples, mosques, government workers, families, businesses or schools in the area identify the children.

2. The children themselves come to the ICN center once they hear about the hope of a new life.

3. Parents of at risk children will bring their kids to ICN and plead for help. (ICN verifies the living standards of the child to confirm the child is truly at-risk.)

4. Orphans in the program were either abandoned at the ICN center, or living at a partnering orphanage.

Any child who is in need financially, regardless of religion, gender, abilities, beliefs and background, will be accepted for sponsorship with ICN.  It is our belief that every child has the ability to become a positive and productive force for good in their own nation.


By sponsoring an orphaned or at-risk child, you will be giving them their first glimmer of hope for a better future through education. With a university or vocational degree, the child will be able to provide for themselves and their families and stop the cycle of poverty.


The children sponsored through ICN are either orphaned or “at-risk.” At-risk children may have parents, but the parents cannot provide for the child due to extreme poverty. Many of these children have been “trafficked” or sold, due to their desperate situation. Unknowing parents believe their children will have a better life once they are sold, but in reality, these kids end up working as slaves or selling things on the street. Even if they are not trafficked,  at-risk children are highly likely to abuse drugs and/or become prostitutes. At-risk and orphaned children typically have the same bleak future, with little or no hope for a happy life.



Your sponsorship pays for so much more than just the school fees, books and supplies for the child. Your generous donations will also guarantee the child has their own advocate – an International Children’s Network Director. The ICN Director will ensure the child is treated well in school, eating properly, and getting appropriate medical care. Sponsorship funds also allow for each child to receive personalized lessons at the ICN Center, as well as free tutoring, art classes, leadership training, and choir programs.


As the children increase in their level of education, a higher percentage of sponsorship funds are applied toward school fees and less toward the child’s personal care and growth, as the children learn how to take care of themselves in a safe and healthy way through their ICN Director.


If you would like to sponsor a child, please visit our CHILD SPONSORSHIP PAGE to choose the child you would like to sponsor and set up your sponsorship online.  If you would like us to choose a child for you, please fill out the form below. Sponsorships are $35.00 per month. All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible. As a sponsor, you will receive a packet containing ICN information, as well as a biography and picture of your child. You will also be able to correspond with your child and even visit them in their own country on an ICN service trip (sponsorship fees do not cover travel expenses).


You will be contacted by an ICN representative to discuss your sponsorship ASAP! Thank you for your support!


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